Arts in New Prague

New Prague has a flourishing arts community and active Arts Council.  The New Prague Arts Council, Chamber of Commerce and Community Education were granted a Community Intersections Grant in 2008 by the Metro Regional Arts Council.  The grant was made possible through a grant from the McKnight Foundation and an appropriation by the Minnesota Legislature. 

Locally, four new public art projects were selected that would enhance the downtown business community. 

PRIDE by Rose-Marie James

PRIDE by Rose-Marie James - PRIDE depicts the rich culture and history of New Prague, Minnesota.  Rose-Marie James highlights the New Prague's connection with Czech heritage; including strong musical heritage, early landmarks and current traditions.  More...

Towering to Our Future by Kiersten Dahl-Shetka

Towering to Our Future by Kiersten Dahl-Shetka - Towering To Our Future is comprised of a sturdy concrete foundation, a welded steel tower, a colorful, recycled plastic roof cap, and a “lost wax method” bronze lion, in the spirit of the Czechoslovakian heritage of New Prague.  The sculpture in place is just the beginning of this effort. Dahl-Shetka plans to tile the concrete base with heirloom Czech china fragments. Classes begin in the fall for community members to create bronze sculptures to complete the sides of the tower. The artist hopes this tower will spur progress on a planned walking path through Philipps Park.  More...

Lekarna Mural Restoration by Chris & Connie Misener

Mural Restoration by Connie & Chris Misener (Photo courtesy of Patrick Fischer and The New Prague Times)

Fall Scene:  Seasons of Tradition by Cindi Gordon

Seasons of Tradition by Cindi Gordon - Drawing from locak heritage, artist Cindi Gordon created two pieces "Fall" and "Winter".  Each work is 48 x 60 inches, painted with a water-based "gauche" medium.  Each piece depicts traditional themes and characters, representing a single season.  More...

For more information on these projects or other arts groups in New Prague, contact the New Prague Chamber of Commerce.

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